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Our Mission

Otis Batterbee is all about sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. Our ongoing mission is to craft clean, safe, products that are good for you and the planet. All of our products bear the PETA Approved Vegan & Cruelty Free stamp with pride. Creating an eco-friendly beauty routine is not only beneficial for the planet but also for your well-being. Here are some products to help make your beauty regime more environmentally conscious. 

Reusable Makeup Pads 

Makeup remover pads by Otis Batterbee - Reusable makeup remover disks.


Our makeup remover pads are reusable makeup disks crafted from clever material that removes face and eye makeup with just water. The makeup removing disks really work deep into the pores and lift deeply embedded products. Our reusable makeup pads stop disposable makeup remover wipes from accumulating and further harming the environment. For best use, either use cold or lukewarm water and glide across the face to remove your makeup. What's more? Each of these makeup removing heroes can be washed up to 300 times! For the most effective use of your reusable makeup pads, here's a simple guide: 

  1. Before using them for the first time, give them a quick wash. 
  2. After using, clean them with warm water or toss them in the washing machine on a gentle setting. 
  3. To dry them, place them on a radiator or use a hairdryer if you're in a hurry. 
  4. When dealing with stubborn eye makeup, hold the pad over your eyes for about 10 seconds before gently wiping off your makeup.  

The Mini Face Brush Set 

Mini Makeup Brush Set By Otis Batterbee - Face Makeup Brush Set


The Mini Face Brush Set includes The Powder Brush, The Angled Contour Brush, The Concealer Brush, The Eye Shadow Brush, and The Eye Detail Brush.

The Powder Brush has a large, rounded shape which allows for effortless sweeping and blending of powder over the face and décolletage. Our powder brush is beneficial for makeup products such as setting powder, loose powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. To use a powder brush correctly, it is essential to tap off any excess product before applying to skin. The fluffy synthetic bristles allow the powder brush to create a natural and seamless finish. Discover our full-sized Powder Makeup Brush too.

The Angled Contour Brush allows you to contour in style with its velvety soft bristles. The appropriate steps to take when using this makeup brush are to first identify the areas you’d like to contour which usually are the hollows of your cheeks, along the jawline, on the sides of your forehead, under your chin, and along the sides of your nose. Next, dip the angled contour brush lightly into the contour makeup powder or cream, tap off any excess makeup. Then use the angled brush to apply the contour product to the targeted areas. Finally, blend thoroughly with the Angled Contour Brush to blend seamlessly while maintaining a defined contour. This Angled Contour makeup brush is a versatile tool designed for precisely applying and blending contour products to sculpt and define the face.

The Concealer Brush blends and blurs concealer and foundation in style. This brush is designed to work with any liquid or cream concealer products. Using a concealer brush can help you achieve precise and controlled application of concealer for covering blemishes, dark circles, and imperfections. The natural, effortless concealed look can be achieved by identifying the correct makeup product for your skin tone then using the Otis Batterbee Concealer Brush to gently blend the concealer into your skin. 

The Eye Shadow Brush works products across the eyelids in an effortless way. This makeup brush’s ultra-soft, densely packed bristles allow for a professional, effortlessly flawless finish. Using the Eye Shadow Brush will help you achieve precise application, controlled colour placement, blending ability, prevents eyeshadow wastage, and adheres better to the eyelids for long-lasting makeup wear.

The Eye Detail Brush blends and blurs products around the eyeline to assist in the fiercest eye looks. Whether you are trying to achieve a bold smokey eye or an everyday eyeshadow look, this brush is for you. This makeup brush allows for precise crease definition that is able to create depth and contour in an easier way. This makeup brush is excellent for smudging and blending eyeliner to soften harsh lines for a sultry look. The brush also allows a more controlled application for detailed work like applying eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, highlighting brow bones, or adding a pop of colour to the lower lash line.

The Mini Face Brush Set allows you to achieve the seamless, beautiful makeup look you’ve been waiting for. These long-lasting makeup brushes are made from sustainable wood with PETA approved bristles that feel luxuriously soft. Save yourself the hassle, invest in your brushes and your well-being.

The Mini Eye Brush Set

The Mini Eye Brush Set includes The Eye Shadow Brush, The Blending Brush, The Eyeliner Brush, The Pointed Detail Brush, and The Angled Detail Brush. You might be asking yourself, "How do I properly use these brushes?" Let us help you out: 

  • The Eye Shadow Brush: sweeps powder over the eyelids. Typically, you will apply the eyeshadow colours you want and then blend the eyeshadows together with the brush for a seamless look. Blending is a key aspect of creating a seamless and professional-looking eye makeup look. Whether you're aiming for a subtle daytime look or a dramatic evening makeup, this brush helps you achieve the desired effect. 
  • The Blending Brush: blends eye makeup with the velvet soft brush. After applying your eyeshadow, take The Blending Brush and gently sweep it back and forth along the edges of the eyeshadow. The soft bristles will blend the colours together. The key to mastering this art of blending is to use gentle, controlled brush strokes with The Blending Brush. Focus on the areas where different eyeshadow colours meet, such as the crease of your eyelid. 
  • The Eyeliner Brush: blends and blurs eyeliner for a softer look. Using the brush, you can blur the eyeliner line by moving it back and forth along the eyeliner, softening any harsh edges. This technique can make your eyeliner appear less defined and more blended. 
  • The Pointed Detail Brush: creates cat-eye wing looks and blends with precision. The sharp point of the brush is excellent for achieving a sharp and defined wing. You can use the brush to refine the shape and size of the wing until it's just right. 
  •  The Angled Detail Brush: the angled bristles are perfect with liquid eyeliner. The fine tip of The Angled Detail Brush allows you to create detailed and intricate designs. This is great for adding precise details to your eye makeup. If you make a mistake or need to clean up your eyeliner, the angled bristles can help you correct and perfect your lines. You can use a bit of makeup remover on the brush for touch-ups. 

This brush set is all about creating intricate eye looks, and it's a game changer. The brush set's ethically sourced and PETA approved bristles will redefine your makeup routine. These brushes are long-lasting and are also made from sustainable wood. No more compromising on your principles for the sake of beauty. Dive into the world of eco-friendly elegance and completely elevate your beauty game.  

The Beauty Makeup Bag

Small Vegan Makeup Bag by Otis Batterbee.


The Small Beauty Makeup Bag, offered in both black and sand tiger print, is timeless, chic and extremely eco-friendly. Crafted with our unique vegan leather and brass zippers, its interior is lined with black recycled premium material. Not only is vegan leather cruelty-free, making it a guilt-free fashion choice, but it's also a fantastic eco-friendly option. Vegan leather is often more durable and easier to maintain than traditional leather. Also, it doesn't require the same intensive farming practices that contribute to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. So, when you purchase our Small Beauty Makeup Bag, you're not only choosing a stylish bag but also helping to reduce your carbon footprint. It's a win-win for both you and the environment! 

One Brush-Two Lives

It’s time to take care of our planet and our old makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are incredibly difficult to recycle on your own. Otis Batterbee’s One Brush-Two Lives program is a sustainable way of discarding your overused brushes. Once your Otis Batterbee makeup brushes are at their wits end, send them back and we will recycle them for you. Otis Batterbee is committed to making sustainable choices to encourage living healthy, clean, and beautiful lives. 

Makeup brushes are notorious for ending up in landfills and not being able to be recycled properly. Makeup brushes are often made from a combination of materials, such as plastic, metal, and natural or synthetic bristles. These mixed material makeup brushes are harder to recycle due to the recycling facilities having specialized processes. There is no specialized process for makeup brushes specifically. Contaminated materials can be difficult to recycle because residues can interfere with the recycling process. For example, makeup residues on brushes can contaminate other recyclables, making them unsuitable for recycling. Let’s stop the landfill and let’s start a more environmentally conscious beauty routine.

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