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Unleash the Magic: A Guide to Mastering the Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Brush

I think makeup brushes are like magic wands that can transform your beauty routine. Our Foundation Buffer 111 Brush is a fabulous tool that can help you achieve a flawless complexion. If you've recently invested in this high-quality brush or are considering adding it to your collection, you've made an excellent choice. In this article, I'll guide you through the steps to expertly use the Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Brush for stunning results. I've also added some great tutorials from my friend and professional makeup artist Natasha Chiverton-Bulstrode aka @gorgeousmessymidlife

Understanding the Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer 111 Makeup Brush

I get it, an oval makeup brush is slightly daunting if you've never used one before and this brush does much more than just foundation. The Foundation Buffer Brush is a beautifully crafted brush with densely packed, ultra-soft bristles that are designed to flawlessly blend and buff liquid or cream foundation for an airbrushed finish. You can also use it for applying blusher too and I've included a video of Natasha doing exactly that. Its handle is sleek and ergonomic, offering both style and comfort during makeup application. So let's start at the beginning. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Before using your Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Brush, it's vital to start with a clean canvas. Follow your usual skincare routine, cleansing, moisturising, and applying a primer to create a smooth and hydrated base for your makeup.

Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Makeup Brush

Step 2: Choose the Right Foundation

Select a liquid or cream foundation that suits your skin type and desired coverage. Place a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand or a makeup palette for easy access.

Step 3: Hold the Brush Correctly

Hold the Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Brush in a comfortable grip, with your fingers resting lightly on the handle with your thumb resting on the part going towards the brush. This grip allows for precise control during application and ensures that the bristles make seamless contact with your skin. Don't be forceful with the brush, the brush should gently glide and sweep across your face.  

Step 4: Apply Foundation

To apply foundation using the Foundation Buffer 111 Brush:

  1. Dip the brush gently into the foundation on your hand, making sure to coat the bristles evenly.

  2. Starting from the center of your face (forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin), blend the foundation in soft, circular motions. The densely packed bristles will effortlessly buff the product into your skin, creating a natural, even finish.

  3. Be sure to blend evenly for a seamless result. Work the product into your skin, ensuring that there are no harsh lines or streaks.

Step 5: Build Coverage as Needed

The beauty of the Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Brush is that it allows you to build coverage gradually. If you desire more coverage in certain areas, like blemishes or redness, simply add a bit more foundation and buff with the brush until you achieve your desired look.

Foundation Buffer Makeup Brush Tutorial

Foundation Tutorial

Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer 111 Makeup Brush Tutorial

Foundation Tutorial

 Blusher Tutorial

 Step 6: Clean Your Brush

After each use, it's essential to clean your Otis Batterbee Foundation Buffer Brush to maintain hygiene and preserve its quality. Use a gentle shampoo to wash the bristles, don't soak or allow water into the brush head. Allow the brush to air dry completely before your next use. See our care guide for further information. 

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