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What is a Powder Puff? 

Powder puffs are soft, fluffy pads that are designed to evenly distribute and blend powdered makeup products, such as setting powder, loose powder, or pressed powder. They are used to set foundation, control shine, and create a smooth, matte finish on the skin. Their main purpose is to ensure that your makeup stays fresh and flawless throughout the day. Otis Batterbee Powder Puffs are perfect for quick and convenient touch-ups as well, guaranteeing that you maintain your desired look even when you're on the go! 

Ancient Origins 

The history of the powder puff is intertwined with the history of cosmetics and beauty practices, dating back centuries. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, people used finely ground minerals and natural pigments mixed with oils or other substances to create cosmetics. These early cosmetics were often applied with simple tools like fingers or cloth. During the Renaissance Period in Europe, cosmetics were popular among the upper classes. People used powders made from ingredients like rice flour, starch, and crushed pearls to achieve a fair and smooth complexion. Soft materials like silk or wool were used as applicators. 

The Evolution of Powder Puffs

Loose Powder Setting Puffs By Otis Batterbee.

Powder puffs, as we know them today, began to take shape during the 18th century. This era saw the widespread use of face powders, often made from ingredients like rice or corn starch, and later talc. Small pads, often called "pouncers," were used to apply these face powders. These early "pouncers" were typically small, flat pads or bags filled with powder. With the rise of the cosmetics industry in the late 19th century, powder puffs evolved even more. They became larger and fluffier, and they were made with more luxurious materials like silk and velvet. The popularity of compact powders in the late 19th and early 20th centuries contributed to the heightened use of powder puffs. Moreover, the 20th century saw the commercial production of powder puffs, and they truly became a standard tool in makeup application. They were included in compacts and sold separately for personal use. These powder puffs were often made with synthetic materials like foam or other soft, absorbent fabrics. Today, powder puffs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different makeup applications. They remain a critical tool for setting makeup and achieving a polished look. 

How to Use a Powder Puff

Large & Small Velvet Powder Puffs. Perfect For Setting Loose Powder Makeup.

Using a powder puff in your makeup routine is simple! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a powder puff effectively: 

  1. Preparation: Before using a powder puff, ensure that your foundation, concealer, and/or any other liquid or cream makeup products are already applied and blended. The powder should be applied as a finishing touch. 
  2. Select the Appropriate Powder: Choose the type of powder that suits your needs. Translucent powders are excellent for setting makeup without adding colour, while tinted powders can provide additional coverage or colour correction. Make sure the powder you choose matches your skin tone or is transparent for a natural finish. 
  3. Load the Powder Puff: Open your powder compact or container, and gently press the powder puff onto the surface of the powder. You want to pick up an even amount of product but avoid overloading the powder puff to prevent excessive application. 
  4. Tap Off the Excess: Lightly tap or shake the powder puff to remove any excess powder. This step is essential to prevent a heavy or "cakey" application. 
  5. Application: Gently press the powder puff onto your skin, starting in the centre of your face and working your way outward. We recommend using a patting or pressing motion rather than rubbing or dragging the powder puff, as this can completely disrupt your makeup. 
  6. Set Makeup: Concentrate on areas where you tend to get oily or where makeup tends to move, such as the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Be sure to cover your entire face for an even finish. 
  7. Blending: To blend the powder and ensure a seamless look, softly press the powder puff all over your face. This step really helps solidify your polished makeup look. 
  8. Touch-Ups: Throughout the day, you can use the powder puff to touch up your makeup. Simply press the powder puff onto any areas that may have become shiny or where makeup needs refreshing. 

Using powder puffs in your makeup routine offers a multitude of benefits that can enhance your overall beauty experience. Loose Powder Puffs excel at providing a flawless finish to your makeup. Their gentle touch allows for even distribution and blending of various powdered products. Above all, powder puffs ensure that your makeup remains fresh and intact throughout the day. They are also indispensable for setting foundation and other makeup products, preventing any smudging. Powder puffs offer a delicate and precise application which reduces the need for harsh rubbing or excessive product use. If you want to achieve a professional, well-blended look, powder puffs are an integral tool to use. 

If you purchase our Powder Puff Duo, you'll benefit from having two quality puffs at your disposal, ensuring that you're always well-prepared for your beauty routine. Powder puffs are a time-tested classic in the makeup industry, adding an element of elegance to your beauty routine. Their versatility makes them an essential tool for any makeup enthusiast. 

The Hero Powder Puff

Powder Puffs By Otis Batterbee. Loose Powder Velvet Puffs.

Our Powder Puff Duo is a set of two powder puffs used for applying loose or pressed powder to your face. There is a smaller pointed powder puff for setting powder around your eyes and nose and a larger one to set powders across your face and neck. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, our Powder Puff Duo is your reliable companion for achieving a radiant and long-lasting makeup look. Experience the luxury of flawless powder application with this dynamic duo. 

Our very own Otis Batterbee explains the golden rules in applying powder with a Powder Puff:

"I always recommend our small powder puff for blurring and blending powder around the nose and just under the eye, the pointed end really gets into those hard to reach areas. Then it has to be the larger puff for setting powder on your forehead and cheeks. The larger size is perfect for blending powder over your neck too."

Otis also advises that you clean the Otis Batterbee Powder Puff Duo with "a little shampoo, by hand, under a running tap of lukewarm water. Then you leave the velvet powder puffs to dry flat."

Otis' golden rules, combined with this exquisite duo, promise a makeup routine that's nothing short of exceptional


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