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Are you always on the go? Do you constantly run out of time in the morning getting ready? Do you sometimes find yourself prioritizing doing your makeup over eating in the morning? Otis Batterbee’s mini makeup brush sets are perfect for the on the go lifestyle! Keep your brushes handy and all in one place. These mini sets come with customized mini handles for easy handbag accessibility when traveling. Start your day off right and look good while doing it with the Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set and the Mini Face Makeup Brush Set. Refresh or enhance your eye makeup wherever you are with these compact and efficient collections of makeup brushes.

Otis Batterbee Eye Makeup Brush Set: contains The Eye Shadow Brush, The Blending Brush, The Eyeliner Brush, The Pointed Detail Brush, and The Angled Detail Brush.

Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set

This Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set definitely has an eye for detail. The makeup brush variety you need for on the go eye glam. This set contains different eye makeup brushes for all of your eye glam needs while having compact ergonomic handles for easy travel and storage. Transform your eyelids into a canvas of colour and creativity with these luxuriously soft eye makeup brushes.

The Otis Batterbee Mini Eye Makeup Brush contains:

The Eye Shadow Brush 

This eye makeup brush holds the power to transform and elevate your eye shadow like never before. This compact and luxuriously soft brush effortlessly sweeps eyeshadow across your eyelids. Whether you prefer a pop of colour or an everyday neutral, this brush helps you achieve the eye shadow application of your dreams.

The Blending Brush

In the mesmerizing world of makeup, achieving a seamless look often comes down to one essential skill: blending. The key to the perfect, flawless finish is the makeup tools you use. Otis Batterbee's Blending Brush from the Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set is the perfect blending brush for your everyday or even on the go needs. This mini makeup brush has smaller ergonomic handles for easy storing for travel glam. The soft, fluffy bristles of this blending brush pick up the perfect amount of product and distribute evenly throughout. Master the art of blending with this perfect blending brush.

The Eyeliner Brush

The Eyeliner Brush is characterized by its thin, angled bristles, designed for precision and control. This is the perfect brush for blending and blurring eyeliner for a softer look. A dependable eyeliner brush is necessary for everyday makeup looks to the intricate, detailed glam looks. Elevate your makeup game with the Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set and get your hands on the eyeliner brush that can take your everyday look to a new height.

The Pointed Detail Brush

The Pointed Detail Brush from the Otis Batterbee Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set is a petite powerhouse designed to add finesse to your eye looks. The small, tapered tip allows you to achieve intricate work around the eyes. This makeup brush  is perfect for creating cat-eye looks and blending with precision. Unleash your creativity with this pointed detail brush.

The Angled Detail Brush

This brush has a distinctive shape with slanted, angled bristles designed for unparalleled control and accuracy. The angle of this brush makes it a perfect makeup brush for working with liquid eyeliner. This versatile brush excels in creating sharp lines, defined contour, and adding depth with precision. This brush is also perfect for on the go precision due to the small, packable handles. Achieve the perfect winged eyeliner effortlessly with this angled detail brush from the Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set


Otis Batterbee Mini Face Brush Set: contains The Powder Brush, The Angled Contour Brush, The Concealer Brush, The Eye Shadow Brush, and The Eye Detail Brush.

The Mini Face Makeup Brush Set

This must-have makeup brush set has all bases covered. Otis Batterbee’s Mini Face Makeup Brushes have soft cashmere bristles that blend products seamlessly for a flawless finish and ergonomic handles for easy on the go storing. This array of specialized brushes is the secret weapon in achieving the perfect, professional finish. Achieve the perfect everyday glam or dramatic, bold face looks with this master set of brushes.

The Otis Batterbee Mini Face Makeup Brush contains:

The Powder Brush

Dust yourself off and get ready to purchase the best powder brush in the makeup game. Otis Batterbee's Mini Face Makeup Brush Set contains a mini version of the Powder Brush. The mini handles of this brush allow for more control over the brush but also easy on the go access. The Powder Brush has large, fluffy bristles that pick up the perfect amount of product and distributes the product seamlessly on the skin and décolletage. This makeup brush allows you to set your base of foundation or concealer with powder, matify oily areas, has the ability to blend blush and bronzer, and soften harsh lines to buff the edges of your makeup. The versatility of this brush makes it necessary for your everyday makeup routine and touch ups. Every stroke of this powder brush is a step closer to a masterpiece.

The Angled Contour Brush

Redefine your makeup routine with this Angled Contour Brush. Otis Batterbee's Mini Face Makeup Brush Set contains the perfect travel size angled contour brush for all of your sculpting and facial enhancing needs. This brush is distinguished by its slanted shape with velvety soft bristles. The angled design of this makeup brush allows for precise application along the natural contours of the face. The most essential tool for contouring and highlighting can be yours. Enhance your natural beauty with the artistry of this angled contour brush.

The Concealer Brush

Conceal your impurities with this Concealer Brush. This makeup tool unveils your flawless complexion by smoothly applying concealer in troublesome areas on your skin. This makeup brush was designed with precision in mind and allows for targeted application, ensuring the concealer is applied exactly as it should be with no excess product.  A concealer brush is a must have always, but this perfect concealer brush from the Mini Face Makeup Brush Set is the perfect size for travel and controlled application. Use the concealer brush that makes imperfections vanish so your beauty can take center stage.

The Eye Shadow Brush

This versatile makeup tool can elevate your eye makeup game to new heights. The magic of the Eye Shadow Brush is its ability to apply and blend eyeshadow around your eyelids for a pop of colour or natural look. Create stunning looks with precision and finesse with this eye shadow brush from the Mini Face Makeup Brush Set. Your eye makeup routine becomes a masterpiece with this brush and your gaze becomes a work of art.

The Eye Detail Brush

The perfect blend of precision and detail crafted into one makeup brush. The Eye Detail Brush is a powerful tool used to refine, define, and elevate your eye looks. This makeup brush blends and blurs products around the eyeliner for dramatic detail that will cause heads to turn. This brush can apply inner corner highlight, lower lash line definition, assist in cut crease perfection, create intricate eyeliner looks, and highlight your brow bone. The handle of this brush is perfect for on the go looks or touch ups throughout the day. Invest in this indispensable tool for stunning, detailed looks. Your eyes will become the focal point of artistic expression with this eye detail brush.

Otis Batterbee Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set: contains The Eye Shadow Brush, The Blending Brush, The Eyeliner Brush, The Pointed Detail Brush, and The Angled Detail Brush.

Beauty On The Go

These beauty must-have sets have changed the makeup game. Every makeup brush you could ever need for daily glam that also fits perfectly in your handbag. The Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set and the Mini Face Makeup Brush Set are the perfect purchase or gift for the on the go makeup lovers. Maintain flawless makeup while living your busy day to day. These compact, professional brushes make life easy and make your makeup application flawless. Never compromise on your look or your busy schedule needs. Let your beauty shine as brightly as your adventures with these makeup brush sets.

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