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Putting the Glam in Glamorous 

We are the company we keep, so let’s make sure we all look fabulous. One of the biggest questions of a wedding is, “What should I get for my bridal party?” Your bridal party deserves to feel just as beautiful on your big day. Weddings can be stressful for everyone included, allow your people to keep looking as flawless as they are with Otis Batterbee’s makeup sets. Show your appreciation for your bridesmaids and enhance their beauty with makeup gifts that will leave them feeling pampered and glamourous. 


Otis Batterbee Mini Face Makeup Brush Set- Includes The Powder Brush, The Angled Contour Brush, The Concealer Brush, The Eye Shadow Brush, and The Eye Detail Brush.

Mini Face Brush Set

Otis Batterbee’s Mini Face Brush Set allows you to maintain that bridal glow from the ceremony to the dance floor. This set is created to have shorter handles for easy fit in your handbag. A few touch ups never hurt anybody! The big day is full of making memories and taking photos. Ensure all of your bridal group look their absolute best at all moments with this makeup brush set. 

The Mini Face Brush Set contains:

  • The Powder Brush is the perfect brush to cover up the wedding stress and gives you the ideal matte finish for photos. This brush elegantly sweeps powder over the face and décolletage to achieve a flawless and natural finish. 

  • The Angled Contour Brush is essential in achieving a flawless and sculpted look. On the wedding day, every detail matters which is why this precise makeup brush is perfect for the occasion. The slanted shape of the brush allows for precise contour lines and adding face dimension. Gain the elegant, sculpted look that lasts all day with Otis Batterbee’s Angled Contour Brush.

  • The Concealer Brush conceals the worry and stress of one of the most important days of you or your loved one’s life. This magic wand of a brush is the key to your bridal party staying photo-ready. Wedding day can feel long, this makeup brush is perfect for brightening and refreshing the eyes by concealing the under-eye area for an airbrushed, revitalized look.

  • The Eye Shadow Brush ensures every member of your bridal party shines with elegance and grace. This makeup brush becomes your trusted companion that ensures that every photo captures you and your bridal party looking your absolute best with eyes that tell a story of love and celebration.

  • The Eye Detail Brush is here to save the day. Wedding day tears are inevitable, but they don’t need to ruin your makeup. This makeup brush has the ability to enhance, correct, and define as you continue to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

  • Otis Batterbee Mini Eye Brush Set- Includes The Eye Shadow Brush, The Blending Brush, The Eyeliner Brush, The Pointed Detail Brush, and The Angled Detail Brush.

    Mini Eye Brush Set

    When it comes to the bridal party, ensuring that every member looks radiant and picture-perfect requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Otis Batterbee’s Mini Eye Brush Set are the perfect size brushes to throw in your hand bag to stay looking your best throughout the event. Elevate the glamour of the bridal party with the artful use of eye makeup brushes, ensuring that every gaze is mesmerizing and every blink is captured in timeless photographs. 

    The Mini Eye Brush Set contains:

  • The Eye Shadow Brush sweeps powder over the eyelids to keep your eyeshadow looking fresh and vibrant. Eye Shadow touch ups will give your eyes the confidence to tell the story of love and beauty on this unforgettable day. 

  • The Blending Brush blends the idea of beauty and love into your flawless eye makeup to keep you photo-ready. This perfect travel-size brush revives the harmony of your eye shadow colours as the night goes on. Softly blend areas where colours may have dulled or creased throughout the ceremony to continue into the night with eyes looking as vibrant as you are.

  • The Eyeliner Brush allows your eyes to be the canvas that reflects the joy and beauty of the moment. This makeup brush ensures your eyeliner remains impeccable and sharp throughout the day and into the night. With this brush in hand, every stroke becomes a piece of artistry, contributing to the masterpiece of your or your loved one’s unforgettable day.

  • The Pointed Detail Brush ensures every intricate element of your eyeliner remains flawless. This compact and portable brush is a bridal party must for your wedding day look. Let every detail of your beauty shine with precision with this makeup brush.

  • The Angled Detail Brush is designed for effortless lining, defining, and blending, which is why this brush is ideal for intricate work around the eyes, brows, and lips. This brush ensures that every detail of your bridal makeup is enhanced with precision and elegance. 

  • Otis Batterbee The Powder Room Edit- Includes The Kabuki Brush, The Powder Brush, The Angled Contour Brush, The Concealer Brush, The Eye Shadow Brush, The Eye Crease Brush, and x5 Detailing Brush.

    The Powder Room Edit

    Being a part of a bridal party means looking gorgeous and being prepared for anything, Otis Batterbee’s Powder Room Edit is your one stop makeup brush shop for the big day. The color of these gorgeous travel brushes are a combination of black and taupe that embodies timeless elegance, just like a wedding. This travel bag of brushes is perfect to keep in the powder room when getting ready for the big day or in your purse for emergency touch ups throughout. This on the go makeup brush set keeps you looking flawless all wedding long.

    The Powder Room Edit contains:

  • The Kabuki Brush is an ideal, luxurious, and versatile makeup brush for flawless makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty and keep you looking radiant throughout the celebration. This brush’s seamless blending and buffing abilities leaves you with an airbrushed complexion.

  • The Powder Brush gives you that flawless finish that is key to your makeup looking fresh and fabulous. This makeup brush has soft, fluffy bristles that effortlessly blend and set  your makeup. You deserve to look and feel your best throughout the festivities. 

  • The Angled Contour Brush blends both beauty and practicality. This brush is a timeless choice to elevate your bridesmaids beauty routine and keep them looking gorgeous on the day of.

  • The Concealer Brush ensures your bridal party will look and feel their best. This makeup brush blends and blurs concealer and foundation in style to keep your complexion looking as perfect as you should feel on this special day.

  • The Eye Shadow Brush seamlessly combines practicality, luxury, and adds a touch of glamour to your bridal makeup look. This brush works products across the eyelids like no other giving you a gorgeous eyelook. Allow this makeup brush to not only be a gift of a lifetime but also be the perfect eye shadow brush for the big day makeup glam. 

  • The Eye Crease Brush is a chic and versatile tool that seamlessly blends eyeshadow to achieve a precise and defined eye look. Elevate the beauty routine of your bridesmaids with this makeup brush.

  • x5 Detailing Brushes treat your bridesmaids to a high-end beauty experience with these luxuriously soft brushes. On the wedding day, every detail matters, and your makeup is no exception. Elevate your bridal makeup with these detailing makeup brushes.

  • Rocket Blender Brush: A versatile makeup brush with an attached sponge, designed for effortless blush and highlighter application for a radiant complexion 

     The Rocket Blender Brush

    Weddings can be stressful making you feel like you’re constantly running around. This brush is the perfect on the go brush for all of your emergency touch up needs. This essential makeup brush gives you the best of both worlds with its dual sided abilities. This travel makeup brush is half brush and half sponge for all your multitasking needs. Keep everyone looking picture perfect and confident all wedding long with The Rocket Blender Brush.


    Whether your bridesmaids are makeup pros or beginners, Otis Batterbee’s makeup brush sets and beauty tools are the perfect, timeless gifts that allow your bridal party to experiment with their makeup look and be ready to get their wedding glam on. Let your bridal party confidently shine throughout the wedding celebration with the help of these luxury brushes. Cheers to the gift of elevated glamour and lasting memories!

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