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When it comes to makeup brushes designed specifically for hooded eyes, the demand has never been higher. Since the debut of my makeup brush collection at Liberty during London Fashion Week, I've been inundated with inquiries about the ideal brushes for hooded eyes. To address this, I've curated the ultimate selection of eye makeup brushes. All my makeup brushes are crafted with the finest bristles for flawless eye makeup application on hooded eyes, these brushes are a game-changer. In this guide, discover expert tips for achieving the perfect eye shadow application and sultry, smoky eyes. Your tools are paramount in achieving impeccable eye makeup looks, and having the right bristle textures to seamlessly blend pigments is crucial. That's why only the highest-quality bristles and brush shapes have earned a place in my eye makeup brush sets.

Eye Shadow Application for Hooded Eyes:

If you have hooded eyes, it's time to break the rules and elevate your eyeshadow game. Traditionally, eyeshadow is applied up to the natural crease, but for captivating eyes, aim higher. Use the eyeshadow blending brush, the largest in my Mini Eye Brush Edit, to apply colour above the crease. Correct posture during eye makeup application is vital. Gaze directly into the mirror with relaxed eyebrows and open eyes ready to blend and blur your eyeshadow. Additionally, a fluffy eye blender brush is indispensable for seamlessly working products across the eyelids. I've designed this eye makeup brush to expertly blend and blur powders around the crease, making it a valuable tool for achieving a sultry smoky eye.

Selecting the Right Eyeshadow Colours:

Choosing the right eyeshadow colour is as essential as the brush you use to apply it. For hooded eyes, mid-toned colours are exceptionally flattering. Focus on enhancing your upper lash line; it's the key to captivating hooded eyes. Employ a brush to smudge your eyeliner; I've even included two slightly pointed eyeliner brushes in the eye brush edit for this purpose. Experiment with applying dark eyeliner to the roots of your eyelashes to make your eyes pop, and utilize the brush tips to achieve your desired look. Remember to create a thicker, bolder line at the top of the lashes compared to the lower lash line.

Achieving a Stunning Cat Eye:

Cats-eye makeup can be stunning for those with hooded eyes. That's why I've included the detailing brush in my eye makeup brush set. This angled brush, crafted with dense vegan bristles, excels at creating a striking cat-eye look. Don't be afraid to intensify your eyeliner for maximum impact. For the best results, opt for a potted gel liner and apply it using the detailing eye makeup brush. This brush's stiff, sharp angle is the key to achieving that flawless straight line.



Embrace the Transformation:

Once you've discovered your perfect eye makeup brush set, you'll never look back. Additionally, all brushes in the Mini Eye Brush Set are fully recyclable and can be returned through our One brush – Two Lives recycling program. These tools are a must-have for savvy beauty enthusiasts who prioritize both quality and sustainability.


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