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The Precision Makeup Sponge Set



A trio of makeup sponges that arrive with the ‘Drying Band’. Simply slide the band off the sponge and use to stand your sponge upright. Say hello to fast drying sponges.


We love the chiselled edge that makes blending products around the nose and eyes a dream. Dampen to activate these sponges, the high-quality professional-grade sponge mimics the texture of skin for a flawless and seamless finish. The ‘drying band’ that comes with each sponge is a real dressing table hero. No more sponges rolling around and the band allows the sponge to fully ventilate and dry faster and more hygienically. The latex-free sponges blend and buff makeup for that truly seamless finish. Tools for clever beauty lovers.


Wash these precision sponges by working in small amount of shampoo under running water. Leave to dry on the clever ‘drying band’.

Size: 6cm x 4cm

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