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Indulge yourself in the epitome of glamour and sophistication with Otis Batterbee's exquisite beauty tools and accessories. Elevate your beauty ritual to an art form with precision-crafted makeup brushes, luxurious powder puffs, and more. This Black Friday, immerse yourself in a world of refined beauty as Otis Batterbee presents exclusive offers. Just enter BEAUTY20 at the checkout for 20% off everything in the collection. Offer ends at midnight 27th November. Get it or regret it. 

The Beauty Addict

Before we dive into why our Black Friday Beauty Event is a must for any beauty addict, let’s start with the basics. Otis Batterbee products are proudly PETA Approved, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Sustainable! Our makeup brushes are the gold standard for beauty enthusiasts around the world and are considered the best vegan makeup brushes on the market. Discover our other beauty accessories from luxurious Powder Puffs to our unique Precision Blending Sponges which come with a unique drying band. These products, especially our makeup brush sets, make for the best gifts and stocking fillers.

The Powder Room Edit

Are you constantly on the go? Especially this time of year, it can feel like you are constantly running around. The Otis Batterbee Powder Room Edit has all of your essential brushes in a convenient smaller size to make this set handbag friendly. Just throw it in your everyday bag and not have to stress over whether you have the tools for a quick touch up throughout the day or not.

 Discover Glamour: Luxury Makeup Bag with 11-Piece Makeup Brush Collection - Elevate Your Beauty Ritual!


The Powder Room Edit includes:

  • The Kabuki Brush features an opulent oversized domed shape with ultra-soft, densely packed bristles for a professional, effortlessly flawless finish. The PETA Approved bristles feel luxuriously like cashmere and are perfect for dusting bronzer across the face and neck. The handle’s short length provides excellent control, allowing you to manoeuvre the brush with precision for the best airbrushed makeup looks. Aside from bronzer, this makeup brush is also excellent for applying loose or pressed powders, mineral foundation, blush, and even blending out liquid or cream products. Whether you are a beginner or professional makeup artist, the Otis Batterbee Kabuki Brush is versatile, easy to use, and has the ability to create a seamless finish. The secret weapon to the flawless glam of your dreams.
  • The Powder Brush is characterized by the brush’s crimped and straight bristles that are expertly crafted to apply powder over the face and décolletage, ensuring an instant glow with bronzer, blush and any other powder product. This brush is an essential component of any makeup kit to provide smooth and even application for a polished makeup look. 
  • The Angled Contour Brush is a versatile tool designed for precisely applying and blending contour products to sculpt and define the face. This velvety soft bristled brush is best for applying bronzer, blush, or contour onto your cheeks, temples, nose, jaw, and chin to dramatize your features. Achieve a snatched contour with our Angled Contour Brush. 
  • The Concealer Brush has an innovative angled shape that mimics fingertips across your face for precise blending and blurring. The brush’s professional-grade, velvety soft, nylon bristles create expert results. Ideally, this makeup brush can be used for applying and blending around the natural contours of the eyes, nose, eyebrows, and lips. Create your flawless, even texture with this magic wand of a brush. 
  • The Eye Shadow Brush adds a flare of detail to your everyday look. Eye shadow brushes can apply base colour, blend, and add detail. This makeup tool works across the eyelids in an effortless way. Using the Otis Batterbee Eye Shadow Brush will help you achieve precise application, controlled colour placement, flawless blending ability, prevents wastage of eyeshadow, and allows for long-lasting makeup wear. Add a pop of colour or a calm neutral to spice up your everyday face with this eye shadow brush.
  • The Eye Crease Brush is one of the most versatile makeup tools on the market. The Otis Batterbee Eye Crease Brush can be used for cut creases, smokey eyes, and seamlessly blending multiple eyeshadows together. Our brush is crafted to contain soft, high-quality, vegan bristles that are gentle on the eyelids while blending effortlessly. Let your eyes tell a story filled with depth and dimension by using this makeup brush. 
  • The x5 Detailing Brush is a power tool in the makeup world created to bring attention to the detail. This brush is ideal to use for highlighting the smaller areas of the face, add depth to an eye look, and to smudge your eyeshadow into the smokiest look possible. The perfect brush for displaying the most eye-catching makeup looks.
  • The Beauty Makeup Bag allows you to carry your face wherever you go! This bag is the perfect size to be thrown into a handbag or used on your at home dressing room table. This is your bag for taking the must-haves throughout your day. All of your beauty needs in an arms reach. You will never have to sacrifice a touch up again when using the Otis Batterbee Beauty Makeup Bag.

The Powder Room Clutch

Where precision meets beauty. This set contains all the necessary brushes for a totally flawless look. Our beloved brushes are created to have ergonomic handles to be a bit shorter to fit perfectly in your clutch. This set has all of our best face and eye brushes housed inside a decadent clutch bag. This makes for the best stocking stuffer or gift for the on the goers in our lives. 

Otis Batterbee Makeup Brushes with Elegant Case - Essential Tools for Precision and Style

The makeup brushes included in The Powder Room Clutch set are:

  • The Powder Brush sweeps loose or pressed powder over the neck and décolletage for a smooth, matte finish. This brush can be effectively used with a light hand to blend well for a natural and flawless finish.
  • The Angled Contour Brush has a slightly slanted shape designed to apply contour products to the face. Using this brush will allow you to define and enhance the features of your face for a more sculpted look. 
  • The Concealer Brush allows you to cover blemishes, dark circles, redness, and imperfections on the face to give you more confidence throughout your day. This makeup tool allows you to blend and blur concealer and foundation with style. Effectively conceal imperfections with this concealer brush.
  • The Eyeshadow Brush sweeps powders over the eyelids to create a natural out or glammed out eye look. This brush allows you to achieve the eyeshadow look you desire with precision and ease. 
  • The Eye Detail Brush allows for flawless blending and blurring of products around the eyeline. This brush is designed for detailed and precise eyeshadow application. 
  • The Tapered Eyeshadow Brush allows the creation of various eye makeup looks with its versatility. This brush works best for controlled placement of eyeshadow and blending out flawlessly.
  • The Blending Brush is defined to help seamlessly blend different eyeshadows together and softens harsh lines. Master the art of blending to achieve a professional-looking eye look with Otis Batterbee’s Blending Brush.
  • The Eyeliner Brush enhances the beauty of your eyes by assisting you in achieving a variety of eyeliner styles. This makeup brush provides control and precision specifically for applying eyeliner products. Whether you want a soft eyeliner look or the smokiest, this brush is for you.
  • The Pointed Detail Brush puts an emphasis on the precision is key mindset. This precisely pointed brush is typically used for tasks like applying eyeshadow to the inner corners, achieving cat-eye looks, and blending with precision. Elevate your makeup game to the next level with Otis Batterbee’s Pointed Detail Brush.
  • The Angled Detail Brush stands out from all makeup brushes as a versatile and essential tool for makeup enthusiasts. The angle of the brush allows for effortless lining, defining, and blending, which is why this brush is ideal for intricate work around the eyes, brows, and lips. Using this makeup brush, you can create sharp lines, delicate details, and seamless blends. Whether you’re doing a winged eyeliner, defining your eyebrows, or smudging a smokey eye, this brush can do it all.

  • The Pink Brush Edit 

    Makeup brushes are the overlooked heroes of the makeup world. They allow us to achieve flawless looks, bring attention to details, and allow our personalities and vision to come to life. Our makeup brushes can be seen as a tool to our identities, so why settle for a boring old brush. Find out why The Pink Brush Edit has captured the hearts of our customers and makeup enthusiasts with their elegance and a touch of femininity this holiday season. 

    Chic Perfection: Otis Batterbee Pink Makeup Brush 7-Piece Set - Elevate Your Beauty Routine with Style!

    The Pink Brush Edit includes:

  • The Powder Brush 101 is perfect for your everyday loose or pressed powder needs. The soft bristles allow you to sweep powder over the face and décolletage in an effortless way. 
  • The Flat Foundation Brush 103 is a powerful ally in helping you create the most smooth, even, and perfectly blended complexion. This makeup tool is designed specifically for applying liquid or cream foundation or concealer to ensure your makeup looks flawless. 
  • The Blusher Brush 102 allows you to create the natural blushed look. This brush adds a healthy flush of colour to the cheeks, enhancing the natural contours of the face, and creates a radiant, youthful glow. 
  • The Eye Shadow Brush 109 is an essential for creating various eye makeup looks with eyeshadow. This brush paints the eyeshadow across the eyelids effortlessly and flawlessly.
  • The Eye Detail Brush 110 is the brush that separates good makeup from great makeup. The right tools mean everything in the makeup world and you can achieve the best makeup looks with this brush being the most precise tool. Elevate your eye makeup skills with this brush by including more intricate details for subtle, dramatic, or artistic looks.
  • The Ultimate Face Brush 104 gives you the perfect canvas. The Otis Batterbee Face Brush transforms your complexion into a flawless work of art. This makeup brush ensures seamless blending, impeccable coverage, and a natural finish. This brush does it all.
  • The Foundation Buffer Brush 111 sets the stage for a stunning complexion. This dense, rounded, tightly packed bristled brush allows for effortless blending and buffing out liquid, cream, or powder foundation. This brush provides a flawless finish that looks professional and will last all day.
  • The Flawless Foundation Edit

    During this time of year, we spend it with our loved ones and the people who embrace our flaws the most, even if, sometimes, they’re the first ones to point them out. Our makeup brushes help you cover up your flaws so you can be your most confident self.  The Flawless Foundation Edit allows you to take on the holidays with confidence and a flawless complexion.

    Otis Batterbee Flawless Foundation Set: Achieve Perfection with Foundation Buffer Brush, Foundation Brush, and Blending Sponges – Beauty Redefined!

    The Flawless Foundation Edit includes:

  • The 111 Foundation Brush blends and blurs foundation and any makeup product when your look is complete. Think of this brush as a magic blending wand.
  • The 103 Foundation Brush has denser bristles that work like a dream when trying to blend foundation into the tricky areas such as around the nose and eyes. This brush is specifically flawless with liquid makeup products.
  • The Precision Sponge Set includes three of our cashmere soft sponges that bounce across the skin. The soft material mimics skin and applies flawlessly. These sponges also come with our magic band for all of your washing and drying needs. 

  • The Camera Ready Set

    Let’s face it. We all want to look our best during the holidays. We need to be looking camera-ready for everything, especially for the holiday cards. This is the set you need so you can achieve that holiday glam!

    Otis Batterbee Makeup Brush Set with Powder Puffs

    The Camera Ready Set includes:

  • The Eye Brush Set comes with five makeup brushes that help create all the eye looks you will ever want to try. The brushes are a mix of soft and dense which are crucial for blending over the eyelids and around the eyes.
  • The Face Brush Set contains five makeup brushes that are essential in applying blushes and powders across the face. This set isn’t just a want, but a need.
  • Powder Puff Duo contains two sizes of the Otis Batterbee powder puffs to help you create that invisible look. They really set powders for camera-ready looks.
  • The Rocket Blender Brush is the beauty tool that is half blending sponge and half makeup brush. The most perfect tool for blending on-the-go.

    The Otis Batterbee Black Friday Beauty Event is on until midnight 27th November. Elevate your beauty ritual with our exquisite range of beauty tools and accessories, each meticulously crafted to redefine sophistication. Enjoy an irresistible 20% off all purchases with code BEAUTY20. 
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