Grey Nail Polish Set by Otis Batterbee.
Grey Nail Polish Set by Otis Batterbee.
Grey Nail Polish set by Otis Batterbee.
grey nail polish set.
Proud Pewter Nail Polish by Otis Batterbee.
perfectly slate nail polish by Otis Batterbee.
Extreme Onyx by vanish by Otis Batterbee.
Camera Ready Top Nail Coat Polish by Otis Batterbee.
Perfect Canvas Base Nail Coat by Otis Batterbee.
Crystal Nail File by Otis Batterbee.
Makeup sponge by Otis Batterbee luxury blending sponge. The ultimate foundation sponge.

Nail Bar In A Box Greys

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Why It Works

  • The Otis Batterbee Nail Bar In A Box is like bringing the salon to you!
  • We've worked out that this set is around 180 trips to the nail salon, all in one chic box. 
  • You get three metal grey shades curated by Otis plus a base coat, top coat and crystal nail file. Everything you need to create stunning professional nails.
  • The harshest chemicals have been removed and replaced with ingredients that are actually good for your nails.
  • These shades are inspired by metal hues and provide a chic muted colour palette that looks fabulous with everything. 
  • The Otis Batterbee goodness infused nail colour collection has extreme wearability and shine that suits everyone.
  • The unique formulation contains Apricot Oil and Vitamin E, so nails look and feel fabulous.

Why We Love It

  • After prepping nails, apply a coat of the Otis Batterbee 'Perfect Canvas' Base Coat infused with hydrating almond oil, it's so nourishing.
  • You also get the 'Camera Ready' top coat, when you've applied your nail colour, simply add an extra layer of this Argan Oil infused hero.
  • The set contains three metal inspired shades; Proud Pewter, Perfectly Slate and Extreme Onyx. All created by Otis for timelessly elegant nails.
  • In the set we added our fabulous crystals nail file, so you can seal and perfect the nail edge for that salon finish. 
  • The unique formulation is hardwearing and the perfect level of shine. Simply add the Perfect Canvas base coat, wait a couple of minutes, then add two coats of our Goodness Infused Colour. Let the colour settle and finish with a layer of our Camera Ready top coat and say hello to perfect nails!

Set Contains:

x1 Proud Pewter Goodness Infused Nail Colour 11ml

x1 Perfectly Slate Goodness Infused Nail Colour 11ml

x1 Extreme Onyx Goodness Infused Nail Colour 11ml

x1 Perfect Canvas Base Coat 11ml

x1 Camera Ready Top Coat 11ml

x1 Crystal Nail File

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