Designer Hanging Black Wash Bag for Women
Designer Hanging Black Wash Bag for Women
Designer Makeup Bag
Luxury Hanging Black Wash Bag
Inside Black Hanging Wash Bag
Hanging Toiletries Bag Inside
Toiletries Bag in Black

Carry-On Toiletries Bag, Black


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Why It Works

  • Its like a portable dressing table or bathroom cabinet.
  • High-quality components and materials make this a real investment.
  • The black mock-croc is timeless and totally chic.
  • Comes with a smart hook for easy hanging, anywhere!
  • Its spacious interior accommodates an impressive amount of products.

Why We Love It

  • Clever handles flatten to save space, making it perfect for efficient packing in limited luggage space.
  • Crafted with our unique vegan leather and brass zippers.
  • Thoughtful features, including dedicated pockets for small essentials like hairclips and tweezers.
  • Stay organized with mesh internal pockets that allow you to quickly spot your beauty essentials.

What They Are Saying

"The makeup bag Gwyneth Paltrow buys her friends.” Grazia Magazine

Care Tips

Wipe clean the vegan leather with a damp sponge. Wipe clean the interior with a damp cloth.


Length – 30cm

Width – 9cm

Height – 21cm

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