Black Set of 2 Makeup Blending Sponges
Black Set of 2 Makeup Blending Sponges
Black Foundation Makeup Sponge
Black Makeup Blending Sponges
Makeup Blender Set in Black
Foundation Sponge in Black
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Blending Sponge Set, Black

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A makeup sponge like no other. Featuring a cleaver drying band that Otis developed. Soft texture that creates a truly sheer look.

We love the quality of these super-strong and latex-free sponges. Use water to activate the professional-grade sponge which picks up just the right amount of product. Each sponge features a branded metal band that can be removed and used to stand the sponge when drying, use as a handy grip while applying makeup too. Air-brushed impeccable looks are in your hands, the sponge perfectly fits the contours of your face, minus any visible streaks or brush strokes. 

All our beauty tools are Peta approved Vegan and cruelty-free. Tools for clever beauty lovers.

A makeup sponge that really helps create a flawless look. Dry your sponge faster with the clever drying band, no more rolling off your dressing table.

This Makeup Sponge likes to be cleaned at least once a week. Wash in lukewarm water, for the best results use a mild soap and work into the sponge, rinse out and squeeze out all the soap. Leave to air on the drying band. Leave by a open window and never put them in your makeup bag wet!

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