Makeup brush set with our foundation brush, powder brush and blusher brush.
Makeup brush set with our foundation brush, powder brush and blusher brush.
the ultimate face makeup brush set.
Face brush set. These makeup brushes create the perfect makeup brush set.
Foundation Makeup Brush, Powder Brush and Blusher Makeup Brush by Otis Batterbee.
Blusher, Foundation & Powder Makeup Brushes
The blusher brush in Verde Green. build as part of your professional makeup brush set.
Foundation makeup brush in Verde Green. the perfect Eyebrush set.
The ultimate Powder Brush. Add to your face brush set and professional makeup brush sets.
Makeup Brush Set, including the Powder brush, the Foundation Brush and the Blusher brush.

Face Makeup Brush Set, Verde


Three opulent brushes in Verde Green that everyone needs. Professional-grade brushes that raises anyone’s beauty tools game. Perfect for a makeup brush refresh.

It’s the sheer quality and opulence of these brushes that we can’t get enough of. After 12 months of development and testing these brushes were finally ready to make the edit.

The Face Brush set features our 101 Powder brush, is a fluffy brush that has a long list of uses, it’s made using our unique high-performing bristles that pick up just the right amount of product for a natural look. The ultra-soft bristles apply and diffuse loose and pressed powders over the face for a totally natural and sheer look. Next in the edit is the 103 Foundation Brush, the firm and flexible bristles Otis selected for this brush makes applying foundation and much easier task and prevents that cakey foundation look. The 102 Blusher Brush is crafted using ultra-soft bristles, perfect to apply and diffuse blusher and bronzer products over cheeks and cheekbones. 

All our makeup brushes are Peta approved Vegan and cruelty-free with each bristle made from professional-grade nylon. Tools for clever beauty lovers.

It’s the ultimate face makeup brush Edit.  A powerhouse of makeup brushes

These brushes like to be washed in lukewarm water and they hate being soaked, for the best results wash the tip of the brush and leave to dry over your counter or sink edge so water doesn’t run inside the metal section.

Recycle This Brush


Makeup brushes are notoriously difficult to recycle and that's why we have launched One Brush Two Lives. It's time to take care of our planet so when your Otis Batterbee brushes are over simply send them back to us and we'll recycle them. More information click here

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