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Eye Makeup Brush Set
Eye Makeup Brush Set
Eye Makeup Brush Set with Makeup Smudges
Eye Makeup Brush Set in Box
Eye Makeup Brush Set Box Reverse
Eye Makeup Brush Set Closeup Shot showing bristle definition.

The Eye Brush Set


For perfect eyes, this professional set delivers. Each brush is meticulously designed, use our dome shaped blending brush to create smoky eyes, the smudge brush to apply makeup across the eyelid, the precise eyeshadow brush has been crafted to flawlessly apply what it should, while the eyebrow brush and comb perfects and refines wayward brows. Your eyes will thank you for this...

Brushes included:-
Eyebrow Brush & Comb

This set is made from the highest quality, velvet soft, synthetic bristles. PETA Approved vegan & cruelty free.

Recycle This Brush

Makeup brushes are notoriously difficult to recycle and that's why we have launched One Brush Two Lives. It's time to take care of our planet so when your Otis Batterbee brushes are over simply send them back to us and we'll recycle them. More information click here

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