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Nothing's going to stop me now! Introducing Daisy Holmes - international model and the face of Otis Batterbee. She's also learnt a tip or two from a makeup artist. 


Where are you going to study? What would you like to become? 


I’ve deferred a year at Kings College London to study Nutrition. It’s been a passion of mine since I found food’s beneficial effects in my mental and physical health. I’m not sure what I’d like to become just yet. I like the excitement and anticipation of not knowing what’s round the corner, like modelling, but also having options in the path I take from university.  


How did you decide to be a professional model? Who or what inspired you? 


I fell into it really. I was told to come to London to have a meeting in the agency, I didn’t think about it too much and went in with low expectations. I decided to model when they offered me a contract because this new world had just been opened to me, full of creativity and glamour that I hadn’t come across in my small town before. 


The people I surround myself with inspire me everyday- my family, teachers and friends. They have taught me that if you have the right mindset and give it everything you’ve got, nothing’s stopping you from getting to where you want. 


What was your first job? How did it feel?


My first Job was with Wrangler. Poppy, a girl from the agency, travelled with me to Antwerp. I felt scared initially as I had no experience but Poppy explained a lot to me before the first shoot and as soon as I got there I relaxed and enjoyed it. People on set were from all over Europe, I was fascinated to know everything about everyone ... I asked so many questions they were probably glad to say goodbye to me by the end on the day! 


What is your personal style?


My style changes constantly, I’m still experimenting. A staple outfit is straight leg jeans and a vintage top/ jumper- my favorite is my mum’s purple Hard Rock Cafe t shirt. But then other days I’ll dress up with a western cowboy hat and boots. Other days I’ll wear a polo t shirt, skinny jeans and knee high boots- channeling my inner horse rider.


What is in your makeup bag?


I don’t wear makeup often, so it’s pretty minimal... a eyebrow pencil, cream blusher, and lip gloss. I can’t live without a eye lash curler tho, it’s essential!


What’s your beauty regime?


I’m still young and figuring out what works best. At the moment it’s using a good cream moisturiser... don’t get me wrong it’s definitely not a 15 step routine. 


Best tip from a makeup artist?


Either mascara or eyeshadow, both is too much for the shape of my eyes. 



Image courtesy of Elite Model Management 

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