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Meg Lindow knows her way around a makeup brush, she was always the one doing the makeup for friends on nights out. Nearly a decade ago she took the plunge to become a full time makeup artist. 

How did your career begin in beauty?

I had always wanted to be a photographer, and studied media production at university (later specialising in photography) but realised that the images I was drawn to were the beauty images and it was the makeup I was Really interested in! I had always been the one to do friends makeup for nights out etc so figured why not do a couple of college courses and see where we are! I then got a job on a makeup counter, worked there for a while and then took the plunge to becoming a full time freelance makeup artist and 9 years later, I have never looked back!

What do you love most about doing makeup?

The thing I love most about doing makeup is the freedom! I also love my job as a makeup artist because no two days are the same.

Can you tell us a memorable shoot moment?

I’ve been privileged enough to shoot with some amazing creative teams during my career, so I haven’t really got just 1 standout moment! I always remember an amazing location though.

Tips for maintaining a youthful appearance?

Plenty of water, sleep and SPF would be a good start. 

What are the most common mistakes women make with makeup?

The beauty of makeup is that there are no rules! If it makes you happy and you feel confident then go for it. However there may be a few trends from the past that I hope don’t make a comeback! (thin brows!)

What 3 makeup items should no woman be without?

Mmmm 3 items no one should be without, that’s a hard one as it’s so personal! If I had to pick mine, I would say my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, great for dry lips/skin - an amazing all round product! My SPF That I use everyday without fail before makeup, and (apart from moisturiser) next I would say my eyebrow gel.

What’s in your personal makeup bag?

In my personal makeup bag I like to keep it as simple as possible, so I have a tinted moisturiser, concealer, bronzer, cream blush, highlighter, eyelash curlers, mascara and eyebrow gel and tweezers - although seeing it all listed like that doesn’t sound too streamline does it? I really try and aim for the ‘no makeup makeup’ look for myself, just fresh dewy skin, brushed up brows and a lick of mascara!

Meg Ludlow Makeup Artist

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