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The right makeup brush can completely change the way you apply makeup. You may have the world’s best-selling foundation or skin-perfecting powder, but without the right tools, you won’t get the best out of your products.

Whether you’re looking for your first-ever makeup brushes or your collection is well overdue a revamp, this edit has every brush in your face routine covered…

Foundation Makeup Brush


Airbrushed looks are achievable with the Flawless Foundation Brush103. This classic style foundation brush can be used to apply cream or liquid formula foundations. Great for a precise and high-coverage application thanks to its thin width and pointed top, 103 allows you to build coverage in an instant. 

Eye Makeup Brush Set


Unlike foundation brushes, you may find the need to have more than one concealer brush. Alongside a concealer brush for under the eyes, I recommend having one that’s only used for covering blemishes, to ensure optimal hygiene. The Eye Makeup Brush Set will have you totally covered on this. 

The Blending Brush has been designed to give a clean stroke every time, with dense, pointed fibres that can be used to touch-up imperfections, makeup mistakes and outline the eyebrows. If you’re prone to blemishes this is the brush for you! The Blending Brush will make covering imperfections a breeze with its straight and flat fibres.

The Smudge Brush is perfect for blending a smudge of colour across the eye lids. The Eye Shadow Brush with it's divinely velvet soft bristles is the one for a smokey eye. 

In the set also comes a handy Lash & Brow Comb to tame and shape those babies. 

Foundation Buffer Makeup Brush


Your powder brush will be the most versatile brush in your collection, so the Opulent Powder Makeup Brush 101 is the one with maximum blend-ability and fluffy long fibres. If you’re on the hunt for a brush to use alongside your powder foundation, choose one that reflects the coverage you want to achieve (a densely-packed brush will pick up more product and give more coverage). The Oval Foundation Buffer Makeup Brush 111 is the one for a natural finish. 

The Face Makeup Brush Set covers all the basis. Meticulously developed, each makeup brush has been designed for targeted contouring. Featuring an opulent oversized domed shaped powder makeup brush, ultra-soft and densely packed foundation makeup brush, and blusher makeup brush for an expert ultra-effortless finish.

Blusher Makeup Brush


Whether you’re dusting the apples of the cheeks, sculpting with colour, or buffing in a cream there’s a brush that’s made just for the job and it's the Velvet Blusher Makeup Brush 102The velvet soft, full, tapered bristles of this brush enable effortless colouring and shaping.

Face & Body Makeup Brush


The first thing when choosing a sculpting brush is super soft fibres, this will ensure your bronzer is always blended to perfection. Secondly, choose what type of sculpting you’re going to do. If you love a high definition contour go for a densely-packed brush or an angled brush head that allows you to get under the cheek bones. If you prefer a softer, more natural finish opt for a larger, fluffier brush (the powder brush above can also be chosen).

The Face & Body Brush is made for those that love a bronzed glow, it has a densely-packed, flat-topped brush head, which buffs product effortlessly into the skin.

Precision Makeup Brush Set – the ultimate set of oval brushes that make it so easy to apply bronzer and powders with the ultimate precise action. 

Total Face Makeup Brush Set


When it comes to highlighting you’ll want to use a small brush, to ensure highlighter is applied precisely. Choose a brush that’s not densely-packed so that it blends out the formula with ease, effortlessly into the skin.

Lip & Brow Makeup Brush Set – Apply pigmented product in small areas with the Brow Filler Makeup Brush a rounded brush that is firm, precise and soft all at once.

Total Face Brush Set – A brush set that everyone needs in their collection, the ultimate curation of makeup brushes that every makeup bag or dressing table should never be without.

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