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Andersen Beauty is an edited curation of the best Australian & International brands located in the cool suburb of Prahran, Melbourne. Founder, Jacinta Keir, shares her love of beauty and why only exceptional products make it.

When did your obsession with beauty begin? 

I've loved beauty since childhood but have always been pretty minimal with what I use day to day, preferring to have a few hero products. I've always loved finding unique, interesting products to share with friends and family members and learning different skincare and makeup techniques. I love the little beauty secrets mothers pass down to daughters or between friends and sisters - this kind of trusted recommendation is what Andersen Beauty is built on. 

How did your career in beauty kick off? 

With a lot of passion, learning and I saw there was a gap within the beauty space where one could find the latest products but also receive really informed, genuine guidance especially around skincare, outside of a spa or salon environment. We needed a space in Australia that filtered through all the excess and curated the special and the good - the products you would tell your sister or best friend about. These things and others led to the development of Andersen and the idea that there could be a better experience when it came to beauty shopping.

Andersen Beauty Store, Melbourne Australia

With so many new products and launches what does a product need to do to get in Andersen? 

I’ve tried many products and it is often very instinctive the first time I try something new. Sometimes it’s the founder and their story or the clinical trials behind a new technology, but it always has to come back to the product. It has to be exceptional and fill a space that our customers are looking for - something they’ve asked for or been missing, or something that I myself have been searching for and either haven’t found or thought ‘this could be better.’

How do you select the products?

We look at all elements of the brand; who’s behind it, their values and vision, ingredients, studies and results, design, packaging, sustainability and environmental practices, everything. We’re looking for something unique and special. There’s a lot of researching but there’s also just trying a product and a feeling. Sometimes you come across something and just think, “game changer”. 

What do you love the most about makeup and beauty?

I love the way it makes you feel. Makeup and beauty is so transformative and mood enhancing. Even applying a face cream is a beautiful ritual in itself - massaging the skin, easing tension, stimulating muscles and nurturing oneself. That act alone of hydrating the skin delivers illumination and is enhancing. Brushing your hair, breathing in a spritz of perfume on the wrist - these are all rituals for self care that can alter the mood or ignite a feeling. You can visibly see a person’s confidence increase after having makeup applied - even if it’s just a little lipstick or blush. And how a person’s self esteem can be effected by a skin concern and then completely boosted by finding a remedy and having someone listen and validate their concern. Seeing someone come into the store covering the chin with their hand and leaving without that insecurity - and smiling, is incredibly rewarding. Beauty can be really powerful. 

Andersen Beauty Store, Prahran

What are your tips for maintaining great skin?

It varies across ages and environments but generally; drinking plenty of water, finding the right cleanser (and removing it properly) and not over-exfoliating. Of course finding the right products for your skin is key but the basics are important…stay out of the sun during peak hours and wear sunscreen, be gentle with your skin, get plenty of sleep, hydration is key and I’m a firm believer in facial massage. 

What 3 makeup items can you not live without?

Lipstick, concealer, bronzer. 

Favourite Otis Batterbee brush?

Otis Batterbee brushes are so soft as well as looking incredible. I’m currently loving the Buffer Brush within the Total Face Set, and the powder brushes within the Face Set are fabulous - the coloured handles just bring joy.

Andersen Beauty, 256 High St, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria 3181, Australia
Open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm
Phone: +61 3 9529 2456

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